E-mail Marketing; Discover All the Advantages it can Offer, and All the Possible Disadvantages it Might Have

All things in life come with advantages and disadvantages.  E-mail Marketing is no different.  Even though e-mail marketing is seen as one of the most beneficial and best workable online marketing tactics, there is a downside too.


Advantages Offered by E-mail Marketing

  1. Speed; it takes a lot less time to create an e-mail newsletter than creating the same for traditional media. You will find already made templates for e-mail that will speed up the process.
  2. Low in Cost; there are a variety of free options in e-mail marketing tools. You just need to find the tool that works best for you.
  3. Easy; sending an e-mail is fairly easy and straightforward. If you have done it once, you can do it again.
  4. Quick Response; people check their e-mails daily and also react to them quite regularly. Your feedback on e-mail marketing has a higher conversion and click-through rate than other mediums of marketing.
  5. Segment Customers; by creating different lists of customers in categories of their interests, male or female, usual orders, you can personalise the messages you sent to them.


Disadvantages of E-mail Marketing

  1. Design Issues; you cannot know how your e-mail will be displayed on the screens of recipients. Screen sizes, software, and other factors can affect what will be seen.  Check your e-mails on different resolutions to make sure it will display correctly.
  2. Delivery Issues; spam filters can divert e-mails from showing up in the inbox of recipients. People change their e-mail addresses.  You can ask customers to keep their e-mail details updated.  Learn how to side-step spam filters.
  3. Branded as a Spammer; when you send too many e-mails too often, you might get people unsubscribing. Also if your content does not add value or interest your audience, the same can happen.
  4. Losing Subscribers; people regularly unsubscribe from mailing lists. Ask unsubscribers to give their reason for leaving.  This feedback can help you to improve your e-mail content and avoid sending to people that do not want e-mails.
  5. Keeping Customers Interested; people get annoyed when they receive e-mails with content that they feel are no longer relevant. Only send e-mails with important news.  Also, make sure that you send the relevant message to each list of recipients.

Mostly, E-mail Marketing has more advantages than disadvantages.  The disadvantages can be dealt with efficiently.  Also, remember that e-mails are environment-friendly.

Infographic by: www.callbox.com.sg