E-mail Marketing; Discover All the Advantages it can Offer, and All the Possible Disadvantages it Might Have

All things in life come with advantages and disadvantages.  E-mail Marketing is no different.  Even though e-mail marketing is seen as one of the most beneficial and best workable online marketing tactics, there is a downside too.


Advantages Offered by E-mail Marketing

  1. Speed; it takes a lot less time to create an e-mail newsletter than creating the same for traditional media. You will find already made templates for e-mail that will speed up the process.
  2. Low in Cost; there are a variety of free options in e-mail marketing tools. You just need to find the tool that works best for you.
  3. Easy; sending an e-mail is fairly easy and straightforward. If you have done it once, you can do it again.
  4. Quick Response; people check their e-mails daily and also react to them quite regularly. Your feedback on e-mail marketing has a higher conversion and click-through rate than other mediums of marketing.
  5. Segment Customers; by creating different lists of customers in categories of their interests, male or female, usual orders, you can personalise the messages you sent to them.


Disadvantages of E-mail Marketing

  1. Design Issues; you cannot know how your e-mail will be displayed on the screens of recipients. Screen sizes, software, and other factors can affect what will be seen.  Check your e-mails on different resolutions to make sure it will display correctly.
  2. Delivery Issues; spam filters can divert e-mails from showing up in the inbox of recipients. People change their e-mail addresses.  You can ask customers to keep their e-mail details updated.  Learn how to side-step spam filters.
  3. Branded as a Spammer; when you send too many e-mails too often, you might get people unsubscribing. Also if your content does not add value or interest your audience, the same can happen.
  4. Losing Subscribers; people regularly unsubscribe from mailing lists. Ask unsubscribers to give their reason for leaving.  This feedback can help you to improve your e-mail content and avoid sending to people that do not want e-mails.
  5. Keeping Customers Interested; people get annoyed when they receive e-mails with content that they feel are no longer relevant. Only send e-mails with important news.  Also, make sure that you send the relevant message to each list of recipients.

Mostly, E-mail Marketing has more advantages than disadvantages.  The disadvantages can be dealt with efficiently.  Also, remember that e-mails are environment-friendly.

Infographic by: www.callbox.com.sg

What is Digital Offline Marketing? How can Offline Marketing Benefit your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Offline Marketing is happening away from Online Marketing.  It does not use the Internet.  It does use Electrical Devices.  There are four big categories that can describe Digital Offline Marketing, enhanced offline marketing, radio marketing, television marketing, and phone marketing.

4 Sources of Digital Offline Marketing:


1. Enhanced Offline Marketing:

Electronic Billboards; where you will find that the original billboards have lost their appeal, you can now have LED (light emitting diodes) billboards.  These electronic billboards can even be interactive with live feeds from surrounding happenings.  You will find these billboards in busy commercial areas, shopping malls, on buildings, in streets, at sports events, and many more places.

Product Demos; any type of electronic device or product have a product demo.  This is a very important part of the Digital Marketing Strategy.  PC games, PlayStation, these all have demo discs.


2. Radio Marketing:

Radio is still here; after more than 100 years elapsed from the time of the first live broadcast.  Radio broadcasts still reach 85% of populations all over the world.  Radio did good to also upgrade to be heard on the Internet.  And, radio still broadcast advertisements.


3. TV Marketing:

TV Commercials might be lost on most people watching programs.  They will either do something else when the commercials are running or just zone out.  With TV commercials you never know who you might reach; it will depend on how many eyes you could catch.  There are a few ways to make sure that you do catch eyes; any commercial running during a break in a sports event, or if you managed to get that ultimate “wow”, that will always draw viewers.


4. Phone Marketing:

Calling and Texting; cold calling is when you call a person; you do not know and try to sell a product or service.  This tactic does work.  Texting might even work better.  A text message will get read.  Several telephonic service providers offer text marketing formats that you can employ.

Special discounts and deals and coupons are a good type of advertisement to draw customers to your business.  You can also use texting as customer service reminders, for example, prescription pickup reminders, appointment reminders, and much more.

As shown above, Digital Marketing can be even better when online- and offline marketing is used together.  Where the one left off, the other can pick up.