5 Reasons why Social Media Marketing is of Great Value and Importance to your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing has a better lead to close rating than any outbound marketing strategy; a 100% higher rate.  Did you know that?  Or do you know that more than 80% of all marketers will make use, in some way, of Social Media Marketing?

Not having a Social Media Marketing Strategy can put you at a great disadvantage against businesses that uses this strategy already.

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Important for your Digital Marketing Strategy:

  1. Increase Targeted Traffic: A Social Media Post that is well-placed to draw the attention can make a huge difference.  The traffic to your business can increase by 100s and even 1000s, by just placing that single post or link on social media.
  2. Boost your Search Engine Ranking: Having top content in your website pages is a good way to earn top spots in the SEO rankings, but directing traffic to these pages will help them to climb the search engine results pages much faster.
  3. Building Brand Loyalty: A strong presence on Social Media will help build your brand.  Building your brand will bring more loyal customers.  While engaging and interacting with customers and possible customers, you become more personalised and less like a business, and easier to connect with.
  4. Immediately Respond to Problems: You need to find and tend to problems as quick as you can.  Feedback on Social Media is immediate and you can react and take resolving steps before anything can become a major issue.  Consumers appreciate a quick response to their problems or complaints.
  5. Start off on a Level Playing Field: Some businesses or brands might have bigger budgets than others, but, on Social Media, everyone starts at the same point.  How you go from there has everything to do with useful content, being entertaining and showing personality, rather than how much you have in your bank account.

It does not really matter what type of business you’re in, what your product or services are or who your targeted audience is; by using Social Media as a marketing tool, it will help you grow your brand, business, and generate much more sales.